Custom php.ini not in effect for some phpBB users

I followed the directions to create a custom php.ini so that my phpBB (3.0.RC2) users could attach larger files than the default. I bumped it up to 100M and it worked great. Then I had a user try to attach a file larger than 100M and got the phpBB message that the file was too big and that the maximum of 100M. So I again increased the limit to 250M. I tested this myself and was able to attach a file over 100M. But my user is still getting the message that the limit is 100M. Could some kind of caching be going on with either his workstation or his network? Why would one user still be getting the old limit and others are now using the new limit of 250M?

My thought is that it is taking too long to upload the file and the process is being killed. Are they receiving any error messages?

My website

They are seeing the normal phpBB message that the file is too large. And the size limit that they are seeing is the old limit (100M). I don’t think it’s a timeout issue. If it was somehow a timeout issue that resulted in this error message being displayed to the user, it should at least say that the limit is 250M. I do not know where the 100M size is coming from. I have changed my php.ini file to 250M. Even the regular dreamhost default php.ini file is not 100M, it’s 7M.

One thing I’m wondering about is my site was recently moved to another server by dreamhost. I don’t know if this could have anything to do with it.