Custom php.ini in custom php instalation


I’m running an application which needs to upload large files (a maximum 50mb limit would be great). So I’m trying to run my own php.ini to solve this.

I’ve followed this instructions to install my own php

But it doesn’t say how I can customize my php.ini. Where is this php version php.ini located?

All I have to do is locate it and modify? Or I would have do recompile it?

This is what I did up change my upload limit:

You could also try this:


Greetings, thanks for replying

I’ve followed this link and it looks ok. My phpinfo() is reflecting the changes I make to php.ini.

But, I still can’t upload files larger tem 8MB.

Here’s what I’ve changed:

max_input_time 1000
max_execution_time 1000
memory_limit 90M
post_max_size 70M
upload_max_filesize 70M

If I try to upload a 10MB file I get a internal server error.

What am I doing wrong?

Strange … after one day, the domain in which I did those changes started accepting larger files with no problem.

I did the same in another domain but it’s giving me an error message, just like the other one.

What can this be? Anyone? Please?