Custom PHP.INI / auto-installer download?

Hi everyone! Newbie here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Having a difficult time trying to get a new php.ini file and .htaccess file to work properly in my attempts to increase the upload_max_filesize.

I keep running into posts on the forum that start to explain how to do it “by hand” but then end quickly with a “fix the worlds problems” link to this site: however, the link to the Custom PHP.INI auto-installer does not work and I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know where this magic file is and would you be so kind to send it to me?

OR, if I cannot attain the magic file…

The problem with what I have done so far is, I have not been able to properly copy the default php.ini file to then alter the upload_max_filesize. The directions here: give me this: cp /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini $HOME/
but I am not exactly sure what to do with this.

Can anyone help me!? I am in a pickle.

Thanks a bunch.

I just tested the sXi link and it downloaded. Here’s the download link:
Clicking the above will initiate a download of the zipfile. In the zipfile is dh-phpini.php which you can FTP up to your site and put it in the root domain folder ( along with the favicon files already there. Then point your browser to and it will take care of the rest.