Custom php.ini and rails

So I have a rails site that is a very simple music portal (personal use only:D), and I decided to use PHP to upload the files, because I could not find a good working Rails solution. The problem is the upload_max_filesize is only 7M (I know you have all seen this a million times). I have followed the instructions to create a custom php.ini from the wiki, but I do not really know where to put the files because a rails application uses public as the root directory. So I want to know how to set this up in a rails enviroment so that it will work… Thanks in advance.


This plugin could help.

That’s funny because we get more messages from people having trouble with PHP uploads and we recommend over and over - ANYTHING but php. So your choice to use php is just kinda crazy.

Try the solution offered above and see if that works for you. If not, let us know and we’ll keep trying.

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