Custom PHP.ini and php session timeouts

Saw Mousee talking about the Custom php.ini wiki guide in the upload directory thread

I need to increase my session.gc_maxlifetime. Before I go through with this, is there any way to increase it without doing a custom php.ini?

also, can I symlink to the /dh/cgi-system/php.cgi from my web root’s cgi-bin directory instead of maintaining my own copy of the executable?

anything else anybody wants to warn me about before I go through with this?


As for session.gc_maxlifetime, I have always found it a lot easier to maintain it with php.ini but then again I like my php running as a CGI module over Apache instance. I don’t really know of a way around it so I would recommend that you go ahead with it.

Now, creating symlinks to /dh/cgi-system/ seems like a viable solution but then there is a possibility that you would run into permissions problem in which case your .php file are likely not to run but you can try or even send an email to support and see what they have to say about it. I’m actually trying to get the same effect but with a twist. In my case I have my own php.cgi with the cronjobs updating it weekly but I want all my CMS instances to use the same php.cgi rather than having seperate php.cgi for each one of them installed seperately.

Do post how it went.

thanks fwabbas… I haven’t been able to get anything else to work, notably ini_set(“session.gc_maxlifetime”,“360000”);
so I’m resigned to being stuck at 1440 or maintaining my own cgi/ini files

fyi - it’s my understanding that DH wants you to keep an eye on the ini file too, as they may make security/performance changes that correspond to the cgi

I’m not going to go through with this for at least a month or so, so don’t expect to hear back soon on how it goes…