Custom PHP config- add extension

I am trying to install an app that needs the mailparse extension. I created a custom PHP installation on the site ( ). I am a NIX noob, so I’m not really sure how to install this PECL extension on a hosted box situation like this.
Also, my PHPinfo output is giving me dreamhost’s timezone, and I don’t see anywhere in the php.ini file to change the timezone. Would like to change to EST.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

well I found a script but I’m not really sure what the path to the PHP installation is

I’ve tried a few and ended up with the following error:
./ line 188: /home/username/
e: No such file or directory

2 of the paths I used were: ${HOME}/
and I also tried usr/local/PHP5

That script asks for your php directory, not the compiled .cgi location:

[quote]# Install Mailparse to which directory?

Note: This MUST be set to your PHP5 installation directory!

It depends entirely on how you went about customising your PHP during the build as to where your php files would be located.

Common places are probably /HOME/user/php5 and /HOME/user/etc/php5

Browse through your user directory via ftp/shell and try find it.

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I actually was able to accomplish this by installing a custom instance of PHP5 in my site. For anyone who runs into this in the future, check:

Tell me please how to use custom php.ini in this host. php.ini contain this extension /home/user/hostname/ioncube/ Tell me the solution ?