Custom php (again)

So I even forgot I had this before they moved me…

All my sites are php driven so I’m a bit fubar at the moment.

I could have swore all I did before was copy the php into cgi-bin/php.cgi and copy the default php.ini file and turn on magic quotes and all was well.

I copied the default and turned on magic quotes but I guess there’s something I’ve forgotten
I have force application type for file ABC to php this way all my sites (I know this is old school) are and the ABC is actually a php script that parses everything after and makes the site like a uniform CMS.

Can someone give me the nutshell of what I have to do to make that work anymore, I sure hope I don’t actually have to compile php5 or anything crazy work.

Never mind. force application type is now http-php5 (just had to add the 5)

You need to modify .htaccess to call your custom php setup.

thanks, I appreciate you taking the time for responding. So far everything is just working so I hope I just don’t need the custom php that I stuffed there (since apparently it’s not doing anything) I guess I can do a phpinfo() and see magic quotes but I’d certainly rather not anyhow.