Custom password creation for ftp/ssh users be retained/re-implemented in the new interface

Please allow us to create our own passwords in the new ftp/ssh users interface! I have my own system/pattern for creating strong passwords for users that allow me to have unique passwords for each user, but are easy for me to remember so I don’t have to look them up every time I need to login to them. Being forced to use an autogenerated password feels like a restrictive move.

Right now I’ve been switching to the old users interface to create/manage users, but I know this ability will eventually go away. Please bring back the ability to create custom passwords.

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I came here to suggest this as well so bumping this instead!

The minor complaint I have with auto-generated passwords is that looking them up every time I want to log in to a different user is slowing things way down in my particular workflow.

The major complaint is that it’s forcing me to save passwords outside of my head, which now makes them accessible to others. That makes my brain itch.

I definitely understand the need to be secure (and probably also wanting to cut down on people complaining to support about compromised accounts when they had incredibly insecure passwords). Can auto-generated passwords be the default option, with another option of user-set passwords that require a strong or above rating to be usable? Or something along those lines?


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I agree, I just signed up and this is the first red flag I see. I might just cancel my $360 3 year VPS over this. Its a no go IMO and makes me wonder what other nanny state restrictions I will encounter if I continue… It is safer for me to remember my password than keep it written down in several places as I need it at a moments notice.

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