Custom Nameservers

I’m currently in the process of shifting my company’s hosting and one of the requirements that my boss has laid out is that we must be able to define custom/branded nameservers as we have over 1300 domains pointing at our servers and we want to get our customers to update the hosts to point at our own nameservers and when we migrate. The theory is that the IPs that the nameserver URLs are pointing at will change and the sites will all point where they’re supposed to automatically, rather than us having to change the nameservers of 1300 domains all at once as we move. We can update all 1300 over time which is much easier for us.

Having spoken to a couple of people about this, apparently all we need to do is to create A records in the DNS that points to and etc, and it should be fine. It never occurred to me that it could be that simple to be honest.

So, since I have my personal hosting with DreamHost, I have tried it here and created some A records for one of my domains that points to the same IPs that ns1, ns2 and point to and this appears OK so far.

I’ve not actually pointed any domains to these nameservers, but I have just tried pinging them from my desktop and I’m getting a lot of lost packets. I don’t get this problem when I’m pinging the DH nameservers directly.

So, my question is: Have I done something wrong, and if so, how are you supposed to do it?

Thanks guys