Custom nameservers?

does Dreamhost support custom nameservers (, etc.)? I thought they did when I read “Custom DNS” in the feature list, but I don’t see where that’s an option…

Custom DNS is just what lets you define your own records. A few notes about custom nameservers:

  1. At this time, you can’t create NS records (for instance, to delegate a zone within your domain) from the web panel, nor can you register nameservers (with the registrar) for domains you’ve registered through us from the panel. Support can do both of these things for you, though.

  2. If you want us to setup custom nameservers for you (within a domain we host), there are some fees involved; basically it’s $25 each setup and $5 each a month for the IPs, so for two nameservers, it would be $50 and $10/mo recurring. This is also not presently automated (which is why it’s one of the few things we charge a setup fee for).

We don’t generally get a lot of requests for either of these services.

Hope this clarifies things, and sorry for any misunderstanding.

thanks for the info, that sounds reasonable. I won’t be doing it now, but maybe down the line.

I’m a little confused about registering nameservers; if I want to sell webspace on another server somewhere else (using my domain here as the “sales point”), can I use, etc. there?


[quote]I’m a little confused about registering nameservers


Registering them with the domain’s registrar is necessary if you’re using hosts within a zone to provide nameservice for the zone itself. This solves the chicken / egg problem of delegation, by adding the relevant “glue” records to the authoritative servers for a TLD (like com.).

For instance:
aura% dig +norec

These “glue” records allow the gtld-servers to delegate to ns(1,2,3) [1]

The servers that are authoritative for com. have to know what is before they can delegate it.

[quote]if I want to sell webspace on another server somewhere else
(using my domain here as the “sales point”), can I use, etc. there?


That all depends. If you have nameserver software running on a machine somewhere, you can point a record like:
ns1 IN A

You can do this yourself from the web panel. Then you can even register this IP as a host (nameserver) for your domain. The issue is when we provide the nameservers in question - in that case, you have to pay us money.

Any domain should point to at least two nameservers, and the nameservers should be on different machines and different networks.

I hope this makes sense and answers your question.

[1] This is why you should never use a conventionally used subdomain like “www” - stale glue from people registering “” is a common cause of inconsistent DNS behavior (some people will see the outdated information; some people will see the new information).

wow, I am totally lost. looks like I’m going to need to do some reading!

but I think the bottom line for now is that it IS possible, assuming the place I choose to host my clients can do the whole nameserver customization thing. right? I think I understood that much, anyway.


Well I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, but you can add A records pointing any hostname to an IP, so you can add the necessary DNS records yourself, if that’s what you’re asking.

I just don’t know enough about this to state it clearly, I think.

I plan on using my account here to resell webspace somewhere else, and want to be sure that I can set it up so that the clients use my domain name as the name server. So when I set up their accounts over there, I tell them to set their DNS to point to or whatever. From what you posted earlier, I think that is doable if the place I use for their accounts can configure a nameserver that way.

Maybe the whole idea is wrong, I don’t know…


Sorry for barging in here as I have been thinking of doing this as well. So how about the Unique IP Address that comes with the “Strictly Business” plan? Are they of the same capacity or do these 2 EXTRA IPs have to be ordered ON TOP OF that?

And does it mean that all my other domains in the same account or service plan will be able to use these Custom DNS settings, e.g. & instead of, etc.? Thanks.

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Other domains could use them. They’re just setup as virtual IPs on our main nameservers, so they’d respond authoritatively for any domain we host.

The per-IP charges are independent from any IPs that are included in your plan.

Thanks for your quick reply, but I was just able to read them. I’ll probably contact support to order that … once you guys have a better sleep after this looong day. :smiley:

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