Custom Nameservers with IPs

Hi. Is it possible for a domain registered on DH to be hosted THROUGH CUSTOM NAMESERVERS on another host?

I’m trying to close my hosting with DH and move all files on another host BUT leave DH as the registrar. I won’t tell the name of the other host because I don’t know if that’s allowed on this forum (after all it’s their competition)…
All I can say is that the other host needs its VPS to be set with IPs. This VPS host, only offers hosting (no domain transfers or registering). So it’s obvious I need to have my domain registered somewhere else (instead of with them).

Example: > >

How do I set this on DH?? If it’s not possible, I will just have my domain transferred to another registrar where it’s possible, and instead of just canceling just my hosting plan with DH, I will cancel everything (including having the domain registered on DH).

Edit the domain setting here to DNS Only, then you can change the nameservers to point to your vanity nameservers on your new VPS by hitting the DNS link under the domain name within Manage Domains.

I didn’t understand your guide… :frowning:
Please be more specific.

I went to Domains => Manage Domains => DNS
And now what’s next?

Should I go here “Add a custom DNS record to” ?
Add ns1 to “Name” and IP to “Value” and leave Type A?
Where do I add the IPs?

Your help is much appreciated.

Domains => Manage Domains => DNS

Very top of the page that loads… “Change’s whois nameservers”

You won’t need to use the IP addresses you have, Just fill the names,

Please note: You will not get instant joy. DNS propagation will take about the next 24 hours or so. This has nothing to do with dreamhost, it about how the DNS system was designed to work… for more info:

If you’re hosting elsewhere:

Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

  • Click Edit next to the domain you’ve moved

  • On the following page, scroll all the way to the bottom and click Host DNS Only

The effect of this is that Panel will grant you access to edit the (previously non-editable) nameserver records – specifically, it will enable a link titled DNS to appear directly below the domain name within the Manage Domains section.

After clicking on that now visible link you can set your vanity nameservers.


Actually it appears the nameservers are editable even when Fully Hosted nowadays - but I’d still take the DNS Only route.

I appreciate the help guys but this is not enough. This is NOT what I’m looking for. The nameservers also need to have IPs assigned to them.
I think they are know by this name “vanity nameservers” or “custom nameservers” or better by “private nameservers”.

Here’s EXACTLY what I need from DH:

How can I do this on DH???

If you enter nameservers which are under the domain that you’re trying to set them for (e.g, for, the WHOIS screen will prompt you for IP addresses. This is the only situation where IP addresses should be necessary, so the panel won’t ask you for them otherwise.

I’ve tried exactly as you said AndrewF, and it didn’t prompt me for any IP addresses.

Ok, I went through DH’s wiki and found this:

It says: “Please contact DreamHost support if you need to set up custom “vanity” nameservers for your domain.”

I’ve contacted DH support and they said, “vanity nameservers” are not supported at the moment"… really, really, really sad! :frowning:

My apologies. It looks as though some recent changes to our WHOIS form may have inadvertently removed this functionality.

Will this function ever be brought back again? And if so, when?

Momentarily I’ve figured an alternative way to make this work and I can wait for a month or two but if this function won’t be available in a month (or maximum two), I will just transfer my domain somewhere else where they support vanity nameservers (for free of course). :slight_smile:

I have several domains registered at DreamHost and hosted elsewhere that utilise vanity nameservers.

Any suggestion that DreamHost doesn’t support this ability is incorrect.

Indded it’s incorrect! :slight_smile: So you have vanity servers set on DH? HOW?? :slight_smile: Can you please teach me how you did it?

It’s not currently possible. We recently made some changes to our WHOIS form that caused the nameserver registration functionality to be lost.

For what it’s worth, we do not recommend that nameserver registration be used for any purpose other than domains which are actually hosting their own DNS servers. We specifically do not recommend that you use it to register aliases for our existing name servers, as doing so can lead to a number of subtle and tricky-to-debug issues.

OP’s not wanting to use DreamHost nameservers (he’s vacating).

Exactly! Thanks for pointing that out for me. Well then, like I said, I will be waiting for a month or two because there’s no big rush with this but if this doesn’t change, I will be moving my domains also and leave DH totally.
I’m very disappointed in DH lately! First a very bad and expensive VPS, now this?!? No vanity nameservers?