Custom MySQL PS config?

Hi, I’m on MySQL PS and I’m just going through the process of tuning my database which is quite large and uses InnoDb tables. There are a number of configuration options in MySQL that affect performance and I was wondering if PS customers were able to use their own configuration settings (like we can with PHP & php.ini)?

In particular, I’m currently looking at the possibility of increasing MySQL’s innodb_buffer_pool_size because after running a diagnostic script, I can see that this is currently set way too low (280MB) and is being max’d out. (I have tables with over 25 million rows).

I’d also like to experiment with a few other settings, but we don’t seem to have access to the server at that kind of level to be able to make these kind of changes.


Related to this, another thing I’d like to do is place a shell script on the server to monitor the MySQL process and restart it if it is has stopped responding etc e.g. this one.

I’m finding it a bit limiting at the moment not being able to do these things, especially on DreamHost PS which we are paying good money for. I don’t think we’re getting enough flexibility to do what we want/need to do to ensure we are getting the most out of the available resources. Of course, there is probably a counter argument, but this is just my view as an end-user.

You can contact Support to get custom MySQL configuration directives set up. It’s not quite as simple as just editing a configuration file (the config is managed), but it’s not hard for us to do.

Monitoring scripts shouldn’t be necessary; I’m pretty sure our admins have Nagios set up to do that already.

I use an external tool to keep an eye on my site and the past week, I’ve noticed site outages lasting an hour or more each time (including another one today) :frowning:

The only way I’ve managed to ‘cure’ the outages on my site is to restart the MySQL service (rebooting the web PS doesn’t seem to fix the problem, so there seems to be a problem database side.).

I’d rather not have to manually keep such a close eye on things (especially in the middle of the night), so it would be nice to be able to automate the monitoring and recovery. It’s frustrating knowing that a solution is available, but not being able to do anything about it.