Custom MX settings removed in domain config! How or Why I do not know!

I have been using Google Suite with my domain for years. When they switched to subscription based, I was grandfathered in to continue to use Google Suite for free. Years passed and all was good.

Suddenly the mx records (DNS FOR EMAIL) for Google Suite were removed from my domain and replaced with DH - I have no idea how or why.

When I try to reconfigure the email from Dreamhost to Gmail (google Suite) on DH control panel, DH wants to charge me on behalf of Google at $8 per user.

I already have several accounts established on Google Suite/Gmail and we have used them for years. The accounts are still there and I can still log on to them and manage users as the admin. The users can still log on to them and send mail, but cannot receive mail.

DH used to have a one click option to use gmail instead of DH servers, but now I see that costs $8 per email address. That’s fine for new users of gmail/gsuite - but what about already established emails.

I opened a ticket 16 hours ago with no repl.

Any ideas. I am really concerned that this may happen to commercial accounts I have too.

Anyone else experience this ?

did you upgrade php recently after dreamhost emailed about needing to? according to this other post, editing a domain to change php version also sets email back to dreamhost:

YES - I did !
Looks like that is the issue

ugh – this can be a nightmare for business email addressing

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