Custom MX records


I want to change my e-mail to point tawords google apps servers… they told me to change the custom mx records to what they specified. i did and the e-mails went down… so i deleted that record and saved will it go back to what it was? or is this going to take a long time to go back to dreamhost?

I need as much info on this subject as possible I am a newbie with this stuff. how long will I be waiting? my firm is going to chew my ear out if I don’t get some answers or fix the e-mail problem…

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Have you read the wiki entry on custom MX records? It also includes Gmail.


I think he’s asking about when his email will be served by DH again. He deleted the google entries and is waiting for his email to come back.

The document you sent doesn’t really address switching MX back to DH (unless I’m missing something).