Custom MX Records for Gmail


I am trying to set up Gmail for a new website called I have previously set up Gmail on two other domains I have hosted with Dreamhost and they worked fine using only “0 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.” in the Custom MX records. I tried the same thing this time and gave it a night to propagate, and it only allows me to send messages from Gmail, but not receive them…

After reading this:, I realized that having one record with a “0” priority isn’t good, so I changed the records to match the ones the wiki page recommended and waited a few hours. When that didn’t work I tried changing them to the five records that Google recommends here:

That was quite a few hours ago and I am still waiting to see if it is going to propagate. I was wondering if someone could help me with this issue and let me know if I’m using the right records or if there is anything else I am missing. Thanks so much for all your help.

Cheers, Tim


Hi. Is it working yet? I noticed a perhaps related anomaly. Looking at some of my domains which use Gmail,

  • domains which were set up recently, using Dreamhost’s one-click install which says ‘use Gmail for this domain’, have several MX records of varying priority as expected

  • domains which were set up manually, before Dreamhost introduced its one-click install, each have only one MX record, which is ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. at priority 0.

I think I never put that record there myself. So far as I can remember, the instructions for manual setup (about 5 years ago) involved entering several custom MX records for each domain, and none of them had priority 0.

If that’s right, then some custom MX records have been mysteriously removed, and/or had their priority changed, some time between 2007 and now.

Maybe by some piece of Dreamhost software trying to tidy up old MX records in preparation for introduction of the new ‘use Gmail’ button. (Just a guess).

Anyway, as an experiment I’ve now applied the ‘use Gmail’ button to one the older domains, and the effect is as hoped for: the priority 0 MX record is removed and correct records added in its place. If the flow of mail to that domain now suddenly stops, I will know the likely reason.


P.S. I just asked Dreamhost support about this and got a helpful answer within 30 minutes. Not sure what time it is in LA now.