Custom MX Record - FIXED now it is a tip for others


We just moved our website to DreamHost from Network Solutions. I was brought in to clean up the tech mess as my CEO went with what was easy. We wanted to do the move in stages (he did I was all for all at once) and so we decided to move the web first and email was going to be second. I set up the custom MX to point back to network solutions and flipped the switch there. we were getting email but now we are not. nor can we send. everything looks correct and I was wondering if this is all because it is going to take some time to propogate the changes. New DH name server with the same MX record? I have the custom MX set up so that goes to MAIL.MYDOMAIN.COM.NETSOLMAIL.NET. and a cname record for going to SMTP.MYDOMAIN.COM.NETSOLMAIL.NET. however when I ping those they don’t exist anymore. anyone smarter then me know if i did anything wrong? need to get this working again ASAP.[hr]
k was looking at it more and Network solutions says that I need a CNAME that points to MAIL.MYDOMAIN.COM.NETSOLMAIL.NET. however when i set up the custom mx record dreamhost gives me an uneditable record of type MX that is going to the MX record how do i change that?[hr]
Well I fixed my issue. I had to trick DreamHost into a new CNAME record. This should be an option when setting up a MX record. I had to go back to Dreamhost hosting my email. creating a cname record for mail, and then reset up custom MX to get it all working.