Custom install

I plan to setup a video sharing site and I am not very sure if dreamhost would install some essential software like GD Library, FFmpeg, Mplayer+Mencoder, flv2tool and LAME MP3 Encoder for me.

Also do they help in installing software packages that contain PHP scripts to run a video sharing site?


when u do, let me know.
I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, but always lack the proper script

BUGabundo :o)
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Dreamhost will probably not install it for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Many of these things, if not all, can be installed on your own. One of the cool things Dreamhost provides is shell access, which is command line access to your server. I believe that if you search the wiki you will find a tutorial on how to install FFmpeg.

Pretty much you should be good to go as long you don’t install any ‘persistent processes’ - that is a program that keeps running on the server regardless if someone’s using your site or not. Often these are referred to as ‘servers’.

As far as the PHP stuff goes, they won’t install it for you. However this sort of thing is even easier than above. Most of the time all your need to get a php app going is a uploading some files via FTP, setting a few permissions (though your FTP client again) and possibly adding a new database through the panel. If you’re having specific install problems the fine folks here can generally lend a hand.

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Hi BUGabundo,
There are two such software package that help you run Video sharing portal, Video Share Enterprise from AlstraSoft and ClipShare.

They even provide you with server setup and script installation but require SSH root access for that… I guess DreamHost doesnot help in this area? Any clues?


I would recommend looking to setting up a Joomla install (one-click install though the panel) and using one of the Streming Media extensions for Joomla (all free). I’m not overly familiar with joomla, but I’m sure it’s possible to allow public uploads and then one of those plugins to make it streemable.

You’ll probably also want to set the php upload limit higher than the current 7mb or your videos may be limited. Check out the Wiki Article on PHP.ini to adapt the server’s install of php to read on your settings fine for your domain.

Dreamhost provides you with SSH access to your own account. You mentioned SSH root access, which is super-user access and Dreamhost does not provide that. You’d have to go and get a dedicated server from an other company to have root access.

However, I’m willing to guess that you don’t really need root access to do what you want. Most things can be easily installed into your own user space.

Dreamhost does not support or help you install 3-rd part apps, except for the one-click installs. But even for those, once you’ve got it installed they don’t really support it. You’re own your own to configure the software and keep it working. Dreamhost will keep their servers working, and if there’s a problem they’ll fix it, but what you do with your web space and any apps is your own to deal with.

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