Custom ImageMagick Path Question

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Greetings, Dreamhosters.

I’ve compiled my own up-to-date version of ImageMagick (6.7) instead of the out-of-date version that Dreamhost uses (6.3.7).

I’ve followed Dreamhost’s wiki, and I’ve done my ./configure, my make, and my make install with no issues.

Here’s my problem: I don’t know how to override the version of ImageMagick that Dreamhost is already using.

When I run “convert -version” from any directory in my bash shell, I see 6.3.7. However, if I run “local/bin/convert -version” (that’s where I installed ImageMagick), I see 6.7. So I know 6.7 is installed correctly, I just need to override the default path.

A bit of a noob here but I follow instructions excellently. Any advice on how to get the path of my new ImageMagick recognized?


I too have this same problem… anyone out there know the solution?


Linux Headquarters - Setting your Path


Thanks for the reply. Im quite new at Unix…
do the instructions on that page mean we need to add an additional path to the $PATH thing, that being the path to our new install of Imagemagick?
thank you


yes, and order is important as well. In this case you would need to ‘prepend’ your addition (place it first). The listed directories are searched in order until a match is found, if you add your new addition at the end the dreamhost default will be found first. This is not quite clear from the linked page.

You can use the linux command ‘which’ to determine which installation is being found first via the path statement. (For usage and more information on ‘which’ type ‘man which’ at a shell command prompt.)


Muchos Gracias… the Man Which sounds HOT!.
anyway, thanks for your help.
I figured out where my install of Imagemagick is, appended it to the front of the $PATH and now when i type:

$ which convert

it points to the right thing… so thats all good.
Ive read somewhere that i need to edit another file to make this change permanent? do you know anything about that?
thanks in advance.