Custom Font in CSS

OK, this is a dumb question, but searching has not yet turned up an answer.

I have a .ttf file named “Diamond Fantasy.ttf” and I’d like to refer to that font in a stylesheet.

Are there tricks to doing that on DreamHost? I don’t have access to the fontpaths (that I know of) and in addition I’m sort of missing the connection between the name I’d use in the stylesheet and the font file.

Thanks for any info/pointers/good search terms.

Although the CSS specification originally provided support for font downloading, this has since been dropped. Browser support for it was inconsistent and patchy, and therefore cannot be relied upon. A Flash-based solution does exist that can allow you to use the font for things like headings, but the solution does not lend itself to use in body text.

I recommend sticking with fonts you know are likely to be pre-installed on computers.

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OK, that makes sense.

I had confused myself, most likely due to some other work I was doing a while back where I was using a server based application that used a font to create an image. This is not a good solution in the current context.

I had a blind spot, thinking that all I needed was the font on the server, but of course it’s the browser that needs the font in order to display it correctly.


Thanks for your reply.