Custom error with with rails and mongrel

We had custom pages for 500 and 404 but when we changed from fast-cgi to mongrel, it didn’t work anymore. I try with .htaccess and ErrorDocument, but nothing happened. What must I do to show a custom html page for 500 and 404 errors? Thanks!

You can create your own pages:


I saw this page but it didn’t work. I try setting the error pages name with the default values and didn’t work. Then I try setting in the .htaccess with ErrorDocument and didn’t work. I don’t know what I’m missing… :frowning:

I suspect there’s something in your .htaccess file that’s interfering with this. For an experiment, rename it to .htaccess.old and see if you can get your custom 404 file (missing.html) to show.


Yes, if I rename the .htaccess the custom 404 file are shown. Then, if I leave the .htaccess like always, the 404 are redirected to 404.html and the 500 gets a page with “Application error (Rails)”. If I see the headers from the server response. I get a 200 not a 500. Any idea? Thanks!!