Custom DNS

I have registered a domain with DH. Now I m having trouble setting up DH to use my own DNS (outside of DH) to handle this domain. I did all that is described but in the end when pinging the domain I get no result. Is there a limitation DH have for this type of configuration setup? To my knowledge, changing the name server record is all we need to do. ex., to Your help is greatly appreciated.


the hosting service at your new place “(outside of DH)” must be aware of the domain. Did you set that up over there? Also, you could use this tool to tell you where your domain is actually responding to DNS. - > check “DNS records (advanced)” and then enter your domain and see the results you get. If you’ve setup everything correctly the new hosting service should be reflected in the results.

thanks for the response, much appreciated of your time :). yes i did set up the domain on the server. I was able to get the correct result when i ping the domain from the new server but no response from the domain anywhere else.

The error message: “Ping request could not find host domain. please check the name again.”.

I have a feeling the dns server isn’t responding to outside requests for some reason. how would i be able to check this.