Custom DNS...?

I’m confused about the custom DNS option. Does it mean we can create our own nameservers like

and then be able to point our domains to that? If so, how do I set this up? I am currently a customer of dreamhost and I would like to be able to use this option if it’s possible.

Nope. Custom DNS means you can edit your own DNS records and do things like point a subdomain to some other IP address, or MX (mail) records, and stuff like that.

I haven’t heard about an option to create your own nameservers.


Then what’s the NS function meant for?

Sure, you can make a nameserver, etc., but not here.

It’s possible to tweak anything in your DNS records, though a tweak may require help from Support. Changing your NS record for a site hosted at DreamHost isn’t the most robust approach, since it’s possible for the IP address of your site to change.


What exactly do you mean? When I looked at the NS things, the value had to be a tld. So, I tried to create with the value of and the panel said that it was created, but when I tried using it, my registrar wouldn’t accept it.

Some registrars have lists of valid nameservers. When I’d set up a at another host years ago, I think I had to enter extra information to GoDaddy that was a valid nameserver and then set as my domain’s nameserver.

It’d be interesting to see if the DreamHost nameservers will respond to queries addressed to That’s be cool if it could.


There are people doing this on DreamHost. Don’t know how. Would like to know also. Here’s one example:2is[dot]net

Do a whois and a ping and u’ll see what I mean.

i’d be happy to have this technique… anyone who knows how to do this?

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you can have your “own” nameservers by adding an alias of to the ip addresses of the nameservers of dreamhost.

I did that with mine, check on (couldn’t make it without dreamhost support)

Does anybody know if DreamHost has aliases for their DNS servers that don’t give it away that you’re hosted at DreamHost? Something obscure that doesn’t have an associated website that hints at where you’re hosted unless someone starts doing reverse lookups on your server’s IP address.


read the post above you and check your panel for custom dns

For the clearness of this problem i paste the answer of support below.

[quote]Re: Creating an alias to dreamhost nameservers

Hello Roeland,

You need to add A records pointing to the IPs of our nameservers. For
instance, for you would add this in your zone:

ns1 A

If you have any other questions or concerns, be sure to let me know!


so go to manage domains, click the dns-link for the domain.
Then you type the name “your” nameserver should have and select “A” as type and as value you insert the ip of the nameserver of dreamhost.

so mine says:

[quote]ns1 [edit] [X] A
ns2 [edit] [X] A
ns3 [edit] [X] A[/quote]

I did this and it worked. Cool.