Custom DNS records not working


I have 6 custom A records set up and they are no longer resolving. They have been set up for several months and as of this evening I cannot get them to resolve via nslookup using name servers.

I have put in a ticket but have yet to get a response. This is crazy. My patience is dissovling. Anyone else having this problem?


Yes, I just started having the same problem. The problem started yesterday (3/28/2006).


Did anyone get any kind of resolution / response on this? The same thing just happened to me. Based on the serial, it looks like the zone was updated yesterday.

I’m going to ask around, but was curious if anyone else had been experiencing this, or if anyone got a response about it.


Custom DNS records stop working sporadically on one of my domains. I currently have MX records setup to point to another provider, and none of the email is being delivered. I’ve contacted support for the 2nd time regarding this issue. I’ve already transfered my email hosting away from dreamhost, looks like they can’t even manage their DNS… What’s going on with this company?


And for the record, I had someone rebuild it and it showed up again. Not sure what the problem was still, though.


We actually ran into this issue Weds night (4/5/06). Our custom DNS records have been set up and working fine for a year. They were down for over 16 hours yesterday.

We’re frustrated too. We requested a callback and got an email 5 hours later (the callback had a 3 hour window) saying it was resolved. AND it showed that we used a callback request, which it shouldn’t since we didn’t actually GET a call.

I’m a web designer. I’m using Dreamhost for approx 15 domains. My business partner is considering decommissioning his server and moving another 60. My dad, who’s got another 18 domains, is the one who had the custom mx records. He was coordinating a meeting with 85 people and had no email for an entire day.

Dreamhost’s apparent lack of concern over the major issues these outages are causing is making me seriously consider shopping around. These DNS issues have been going on intermittently for 2 months. When sites go down, my clients (one of whom is my father) call me and expect results…NOW. Telling them I don’t know what’s going on or when it will be fixed because I have to wait for Dreamhost to communicate isn’t getting it.

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FWIW, it’s being looked into.