Custom DNS pointing to external static IP

I have a box with an external (non-dreamhost) static IP. I want to create a DNS record to point to this external box so that the domain name resolves. I’m not sure how to setup the custom DNS for this.

Do I need to create a fully hosted domain first?


You just need to make an A record with your static ip as the value. A subdomain will work fine, just go into the custom DNS area in the panel (through “Manage Domains”, click on DNS) and add the subdomain ( and the A record.

Thx spooon69,

I currently don’t have a domain setup for and don’t desire a subdomain. None of the hosting will be done by dreamhost, just the DNS record.

If I create a fully hosted domain it seems that it will create a non-editable A record and thus not being able to change the A record to point to my externally hosted box.

You can remove the non-editable A record by removing the web hosting for the domain. After adding the domain as a fully hosted domain, go to and click the X in the Web Hosting column for the domain. You’ll then be able to add your own custom A record.