Custom DNS on sub-domain

Hi Guys,

Trying to set up a custom DNS CNAME on a sub-domain for a big cartel store.

Followed the instructions on a previous thread from a few years back and getting different results.

My main site ‘’ is fully hosted and needs to stay that way

My sub domain ‘’ needs to link with Big Cartel

When I go to use DNS only for the sub domain get an error - 'You cannot add DNS management to subdomains.’

When I go to edit the sub domain in the custom DNS I get - ‘You already have a record for this name. You can’t have a CNAME and any other record on the same name.’

Any ideas on how to get around this?


Delete the subdomain entirely.
Click the DNS link for the fully hosted main domain. The second section on the next page will allow you to enter the record for your sub-domain.

Thank you!

You are a lifesaver :slight_smile: