Custom DNS and Dynamic IP


With the ability to now make custom DNS entries, would it be possible to somehow configure something like to always have the current IP of my computer? This would make hosting servers on my computer (WinXP) a lot easier, since knowing the IP would no longer be an issue.

(Yes, I know it can be done with Linux, as found on


EDIT: I’m currently installing cygwin and going to see how well it runs the above script, but if there’s an easier way I’d like to know it.

EDIT 2: Okay, looks like that script is going to work with a few modifications under cygwin.

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A much easier way to do it is to sign up with one of the dynamic DNS services. (I use This will give you a domain name on the service that can be easily updated to match your dynamic IP. Many home routers have direct support for one or more dynamic DNS sites and will automatically keep them up to date. Otherwise, there’s probably a simpler script you can run on your PC.

(The problem with the script in the wiki is that it is assumes a particular organization of the DH control panel and so will be somewhat fragile. The dynamic DNS services have a well defined mechanism to update things when your IP address changes.)

Once you have that set up, create a CNAME record that refers to the domain name on the dynamic DNS site.