Custom DNS A record

I’d like to change the URL of my site to a new domain I’ve just registered, and since I already have the site up and running I’m looking to just point the new domain URL to the existing site. Both the new domain and the site are with DreamHost.

So I made a custom DNS A record pointing to the IP address where the old site is hosted. When the new domain URL loads up the old site I’ll decommission the old domain.

Is this the best way to transition?

You’ll actually need to set the new domain up in DreamHost as a “mirror” of the old domain in order for it to be recognized properly by our servers. Otherwise, we might not know which of the sites on that IP address your new domain is supposed to load!

ok… but when you say mirror, do you mean another hosted site mirroring the original, or something else?

Update: I noticed an option to mirror in the Manage Domains panel, I assume that’s what you were referring to, so I’ve done that.

Further update: Yikes… just noticed this warning about mirrored sites.

Yet another update: Following the advice at the link above I’ve set up the original domain to disallow robots via .htaccess. Fingers crossed this avoids blacklisting.