Custom 404 pages?

I read somewhere on the dreamhost site that you could have custom 404 pages. but I can’t find it anymore. How is this done? do I just need to save the page I want to use with a certain name? (like 404.html or 404error.html)
please help? thanks.

never mind. found my answer @ 404

I guess you just name them missing.html and put em at the root. nice.

I found a cgi program that does it so you only have one file you have to worry about and not 5 or 6. The program I use can be found at although I have a lower version then what’s out there now, and the new one has some new stuff I might look into. Anyway, just another option. I just like it because you can have it log the errors or email you, with the refering addresse (if it’s a 404 error, you can see what page or website has the bad link)

Todd Eddy