Cursor Movement to Form Fields

Hi - Could anyone give me a clue on how to get the cursor to automatically move to the next field when a user is typing in a phone number that is broked down into 3 separate fields?
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Just ad the tabindex=“1”, tabindex=“2”…etc.


This can only be done with client-side scripting. You will need to test to see whether or not the correct number of digits have been entered into a field, and then set the focus to the next field.

Setting the focus in JavaScript is quite easy:

document.formname.fieldname.focus()You’ll need some sort of loop structure based upon an onchange() event; however, it would be much better (from an accessibility standpoint) to use only a single field for a telephone number.

Simon Jessey
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Not only should you not use three separate fields for the phone number, you should also ensure that you will accept a phone number with or without dashes, dots, or spaces. One of my big web usability pet peeves is web forms that require a certain formatting for things like phone and credit card numbers when it’s absolutely trivial to just take what’s entered and reformat it internally if it’s not how you want it.

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