Curse Words


I haven’t used this term in a while, though I used to, along with so many other people I know, especially white boys, drinking beer and partying… and I’m wondering what dreamhost’s policies are regarding hosting the domain… which is

I was going to log into IRC but I forgot that it isn’t Official and for some reason, I think it has to do with me making fun of Harley Davidsons, at least, that is what I surmised from looking thru my chat logs, and someone there was just not secure enough, perhaps jealous as well and they banned me. I was even helping newbies, as I always try to do. It is funny, you guys have people with pierced faces on your home page and what looks to be others drinking and partying, and I get banned because I type fast, have good answers and make fun of motorbikie riders. LOL … however your service has been great and your pricing is awesome.

So, in case you guys didn’t understand what I’m asking in the paragraph above…


Thanks in advance… happy groundhogs day… I mean you no harm…

What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover(vacuum cleaner)??

answer: The location of the dirtbag.

HAHAHAHAHA… Funny how the insecure, dying for attention post apes get pissed at that one… actually, real bikers think it is funny, the rest are just pseudo…

dave watkins

wonders is this will be removed from the forums

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I think you’ll get plenty of opinions here on the forum, but you are unlikely to get an official response to your question, as this is primarily a customer to customer forum.

I suggest you lodge a support request via the panel, that way you will know for sure if your domain name is acceptable.

Edit: If you do not yet have access to the panel, you can use the contact form linked below.


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I think, as long as the site does not contain any illegal content, Dreamhost is pretty much ok with it–so I don’t imagine you’d have any trouble with your domain.

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What a meatball… see I set up IRC on Trillian a while back… I can’t believe I spaced on the support form… I guess I thought about that, why the hell didn’t I use it I don’t know… I’m not bent on pointing out me getting booted from IRC that bad… Anyway, thanks for pointing out the uber obvious to me…

you said it is already taken, though? by me… I’m the owner… I checked NSI and Yahoo and couldn’t believe they weren’t taken… and … as well, (pg rated) … I own a bunch of domains… I used to own years ago, and after a dwi, moving into a new place I never got the mail to renew it so I lost it… looked and it was for sale for $10,000… I had an offer of $1,500 one time… luckily, I found was available… I already owned the .net of that…

I have been buying domains thru Yahoo!, I realize it costs a little more and they are just Melbourne IT affiliates, but I know Yahoo is not going out of business anytime soon, maybe Microsoft will buy them or somethin, but I’m content…

Thanks for your replies… I recently bought too and am going to make a video game review site… not quite sure about the kickass domains yet… blog, perhaps sell kick ass stuff… only things that are kick ass, but seriously, I can’t believe that I never looked and that they weren’t taken… I mean c’mon… what beer drinkin, ganj smokin’ white dude in America hasn’t said those words together before!?


I like fish sticks… they’re pretty good… for ‘sticks’…

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hahaha… that is damn funny… good one… ah… ain’t life grand?!

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somebody asked a similiar question before. they asked whether can host adult content in DH. you may want to refer

Howerver, these are only our option. To get a specific answer, you should send a ticket to DH.

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Am I alone in thinking the prices being asked (and payed) for some domain names is just insane? Sure, I realize that it’s all about ‘return on investment’ and some domain names are inherently ‘better’ from an SEO standpoint, but still…


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You would want to have an extremely good ROI if you were to pay $10,000 for a domain. If knew a domain would return me the purchase price within say 6 months I’d have to seriously consider it.

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that domain name isnt going to help your search engine results too much :slight_smile:

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Well, I really am not looking to bolster any search engine results… Though I am pretty much an expert on search engine optimization…

Search ‘antiques’ in google, one of my customers averages number 6, for years, on the server I built using the software I wrote to add / edit items and that which creates the entire website… simple really…

I also have another customer in top 1 spot in numerous search engines, including, google,yahoo,msn, etc… in their market…

Search “reproduction windsor chairs” in Google, they are number 1… and just checked, they are number 2 in Yahoo for “reproduction windsor chairs”… which is exactly one of the items they sell. Of course I had charged about $3,200 by the time I was done revamping their site, after they paid an original $6,000 to some ‘web design firm’ that doesn’t know squat.

Funny how some people disagree to disagree… You could be proud of something you did and tell someone about it, some people will praise you, others will be jealous and point out something you didn’t do so wonderful… helps balance things out though, I suppose…

Sure am glad I have zero college debt… Not because I worked in the admissions office at Northern Arizona University… just because I didn’t go… in fact, 8th grade was the last grade I completed…

Life is what you make it… so make it a good one…


Well, I am not going to host adult content… Though last night I thought about buying and selling kick ass stuff… but just looked and it is taken… I bought the name for fun… spawned from creating a clan in an online tank game I have been playing almost 10 years… on and off… the clan is KFA… short for Kick Fuckin Ass…

Dreamhost said it is alright that I host this domain with them… It may be a blog, perhaps some kind of kick ass forum, perhaps some kind of all kinds of random things… maybe I will make it my new (old) theme and I’ll buy … I don’t see why not… (actually I own that one too cause I used to say it all the time)

I’m about done with a big programming project I’ve been working on, and when I am done, I’m going to put all the extra effort into my personal projects… such as … going to be video game reviews from yours truly…

“I got worms” - Jim Carrey, Dumb and Dumber
I like to blurt this out when they hit the lights for last call

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Boasting about your SEO skills is not cool.

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Boasting about a skill is not kool? If it makes you feel better, I used to be nice to people and let them take advantage of me. The only thing different now is that I don’t let them take advantage of me…

Is that a joke? It is, isn’t it. You replied as a joke… good one… you so funny… go on… tell us another…

Boasting about the fact that I quit high school in 9th grade isn’t kool either is it? No GED or diploma… not kool… no debt… no credit cards… also not kool…

What should I boast about? Should I not boast? Is the only reason you replied, beause you wanted to boast your signature?

Boastings as a means of advertising? Could there be such a thing?

The following URL is the definition of ‘Boast’ via

Based on number 2 in the definition of boast,
2. to speak with pride

What is the matter with having pride in something you have done?

I heard a guy on the radio once that said … ’ if everyone switched to Linux we would have no problem with viruses ’ … hahaha, ya if linux ever got close to the power that Microsoft has, but seriously, like dweebs wouldn’t start working on viruses for Linux.

You may want to take a look at the following URL…

The first definition…

  1. jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage

Me, enjoying some success after years of hard work, back breaking effort, and not giving up, even when insecure, jealous types try to discourage me…

Is that the right answer? What is behind door number 3?

Anyway, I’m not sure you were kidding or what, but, I apologize, perhaps I am out of line… maybe you meant that it was not ‘kool’… using slang, such as for ‘cold’ … therefore, boasting is HOT!

Well, I read the posts in the link in ‘not cool’ and I do not see how it relates to ‘boasting my skills’… some things in there I agree with and some I don’t…

I mention my skills for a couple of reasons. One is because it appears someone assumed I wanted to inflate rankings using the domain name, or something to that extent. Another reason is to point out that if I wanted to get better ranking, I have the skills to do so.

As well, there is a chance that some folks reading the post have questions related to search engine ranking and since people are under so much pressure to ‘be kool’ that they don’t ‘boast’ about their skills, so those folks don’t know where to turn.

So now they know that they can ask me questions regarding SEO and I am happy make my best effort to help…

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It was meant as a sarcastic comment. If you followed the link, you would see that the last person who boasted about his SEO skills got flamed mercilessly. I wanted to give you a heads-up.

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prick i am…

hehe… I thought so, then thought not, so I tried to make it over the top, which may have backfired… I did kinda get that from the other post, which also is why I went spaztic… wanted to disrupt it pre-flame

I hope you didn’t take that personally… I did look around your site and gathered some thoughts…

Do have a question for ya… do you have a network media center at all? Well, not too long ago I was at a discount store, Ocean State Job Lot to be specific and found a kick ass price for LinkSys Wireless Media Centers… not the new one like THIS ONE

But THIS ONE (just a pic)

The kool thing about this one is that it has detachable speakers and a lcd window on the front, for browsing the audio files, as well it supports a few connections to a home stereo (optical included) … I bought 4, was thinking about selling them for more than I paid, but I might just hang on to them, or gift my brother and sister with one each … I could get you one if you would like. I think they may still have some…

Though I sold my old expensive stereo and studio monitor speakers, etc., some years ago when I left Arizona to come back home to CT… which was stupit because it was some good Sony gear and at this point I still have but a dinky clock radio… though I’ve got several computers and my latest has 7.1 surround. (there I go… was that boasting ?? )

I like fish sticks… they’re pretty good… for “sticks”…

Anyone readin’… you play online games? Lately I’ve been playing FEAR, but I play an array of games… There’s a chance that I will be looking for video game review writers if anyone is interested…

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I just use a dedicated PC hooked-up to an HDTV for a Media Center. The desktop has a wireless network card from Linksys, and my media is on a fancy Western Digital network drive in another room.

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nice… well the units were $40 … for the price I couldn’t help but buy 4. :)…

I like it because it has built in speakers and I can run it down by the pool and still listen to the tunes off my pc… the fact that it has speakers works great and the fact that it has optical out means that when I buy more gear down the road, I’ll be able to hook it into the system via optical, which apparently is the best connection, as well it has rca jacks and i think 1/4" jack for audio out as well…

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