Current outage - all sites down 24 hours +

apprently, this is all due to ‘zaniah’ server having a bad RAID and all its contents being moved to another server.

7:00 am, July 2, 2012

my site is back and running - and at full speed. phew.

I’ve received 2 emails since my last update at 9 am yesterday: one of them a personalized email, and another a BOT email.

they re-iterate the problem and provide an update: the ‘zaniah’ web server files are being moved to new hardware…
in the meantime, we are running in NFS mode — which means we are not running at full configuration.

thus, things are still tenuous.

fingers crossed.

My site, has been down for about 48 hours, any idea when this might be fixed? Help!!

What I see is that you have no files in that site’s directory, based on what the URL shows. What happened to them?

Is it a static or dynamic site? yeah, if go to your url, we can see the directory. And there’s no files except 2 favicons. Try simply loading an index file for starters, maybe one that reads “coming soon” or some such.

What server are you on? Are you getting a message about your server being moved to new hardware in the panel?
How long was your site up?

This is my story that I posted in another thread:

I’ve finally got my site back up, salvaged what I could by constantly trying to tap in via FTP, the connection was intermittent. I managed to grab my database through PHPMyAdmin. All of this was with no help or human response from Dreamhost. My site was down since the beginning of the week. Totally unacceptable.

The files I got were old, if you update your website daily then there’s a chance what they put up on the new server is from an old backup, I lost a few days work.

I noticed the latest posts from the most recent screwups on the DreamhostStatus website, have comments disabled due to their customers complaining, muting their customers is a terrible idea, they will turn to twitter, TechCrunch and other outlets of frustration. It’s already all over twitter that you banned/blocked one of your own customers from the status blog for complaining about his site being down for three days, great PR.

After I scraped together what I could, I moved my site to a new host, where you could talk to an actual human, see the specs of the servers and have a warranty.

My website is now up and fast as lightning.

Completely abandoning any form of personal support to your customers during the worst times is terrible, support being responsive only when things are relatively ok is uselesss. There’s no Dreamhost support as far as I’m concerned.

I was due to re-bill somewhere between $200-$300 on the 15th, I’m so glad I found out about this before my re-bill. I don’t stay current with my hosting and the ten day outage of a different server last month slipped by me, I would have moved if I even got a sniff of a ten day outage being remotely possible on the technology my website was on.

So really it’s a good job this happened to the server I was on before the 15th!

Dreamhost, you’ve lost a customer. Thanks for no support.

P.S. Nice timing, going FUBAR just before your big party at hostingcon, how embarrassing. Not as embarrased as we are with our fans, visitors e.t.c. finding out we’re on a host that sucks, we look stupid.