Current DH user experience HERE!


There’s no doubt if you compare DH’s plan with other Hosting plans, DH hosting beats many that are out there… however, I have 3 different accounts on 3 different servrs, and all 3 servers are running really slow(only MySQL is slow)… I will update often here to show any passerby if my speed improves or not… you can PM me and i’ll show you my sites for you to see…


Any idea why that is? Is your site taking much of the bandwidth for the server or is it other users on each of those 3 and you are just unlucky?


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my sites doesn’t have that many visitors… 20 per day avg… what do you mean unlucky though? unlucky to be on the slow servers? that means DH should speed them up…


By unlucky yes I meant possibly there are other users on those servers that are hogging the bandwidth. I just assume that DH can’t fully control that part, although as you suggest they should.

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Here’s an update on the current situation… I’m checking 2 accounts and 4 different domains. They’re getting intermittent down time(4 diff domains are experiencing this). Off and On for like a minute or so. By the time I contact support, the site would go up. I’m currently experiencing another downtime on one of my site. Will update on progress of that site.

at 1:21pm I asked why the server was down…
at 1:29pm DH said they’re rebooting the server…
at 2:21 The server was finally working…

Pretty fast response time, but this isn’t my first time that my server went down… it won’t be my last… that’s why I’ve started this thread, i suppose…

btw… my websites are consistently taking about 4 seconds to load… all because of the MySQL server


I serve ads from my DH account to a site (non DH) and have noticed sometimes that the ads don’t appear. I go check my DH domain and it’s not online at all. By the time I figure all this out I wait 5 mins and it’s back. It would be nice to know the reason so we can help isolate the problem.

I am sure it’s some rogue process on the shared server and it’s due to another user. My ad server is just a php script with no looping.

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at 7pm I noticed my site was down again (for the second time today) Sent in a support request at 7:15pm. Hopefully they’ll clean up this messy server I’m on. I’ll keep you guys updated. No wonder I started this thread, DH is becoming more unreliable, I just hope they fix these issues soon.

now it’s 7:26 and my website is up again… my support ticket hasn’t been responded, so i guess i’ll close it…

by the way… i’m not going to be responding to questions like the one below… one would think by the fact that i’m creating this on-going thread… would tell DH they’re having server problems…


How is support to’clean up a messy server’ if they don’t know there’s any problems. You should let support know if/when you’re having on-going problems.



At nights my sites run noticeably faster, but during the day… it runs quite slow… No site downs today so far…


you can now add me to the list of Dreamhost veterans once skeptical (only slightly considering recent sales promotions) about the MYSQL complaints that has recently become afflicted with a nagging MySQL problem.


A client called with this problem about 2 weeks ago, it self-healed by the tme I got to look at it. They’ve called back again today and their db driven site is, for all intents and pruposes, useless for the last 3 hours (noticed and sent ticket 3 hours ago).

So what’s the next generation of shared/managed hosting gonna look like? Surely this model that allows long standing and resource responsible cutomers to be crippled by their neighbors (if that’s indeed what’s happening) is no longer viable?



DH bases its reputation on mouth-to-mouth advertising. I would suspect that it would be in their interest to resolve the MySQL issue as fast as possible if they want customers.


As of 10:05 pm 11/7/05 ALL my sites are down… all 3 different accounts…

now at 10:07 they’re back up again…

but running very slowly…


Yeah it just happened to me too. 2 sites on the same server (since same plan). It would be nice to know what’s doing that or who I am sharing with that is sucking CPU cycles or whatever it is.

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My sites are coming and going, and mail to all my accounts is bouncing.

I just signed up this weekend, not a great introduction…


We measure server resource consumption in CPU minutes. This number indicates how much time a processor spends working for your username. All shared hosting customers should use less than 30-40 cpu minutes per day for all their users on their account…

I never knew about the CPU limits

I want to add forums to my sites but I wonder if it would be best to out source them and have them hosted with another service.


It’s 11/9/05 and none of my sites from all my accounts are loading as of 1:11pm… what’s new huh?

Well just checked, some sites are loading but takes about 6-10 seconds… and 3 of them aren’t loading at all.

1:31. my sites are back up again… DH replied with:

[quote]Our apologies for all the downtime. Our admins are looking into the root
cause. Right now, your server is being rebooted. We hope to have all
issues on your server resolved in short order. [/quote]
So they’re actively working on it… which gives me a lot of relief… go DH!

but websites are taking 5 seconds to respond…

4:42 PM… now my servers are going EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOw… it’s so fvcking frustrating i tell you… sh1t…


I’m all about you posting your downtime and such, but please watch your language.



10:11am 11/10/05 - sites on one of my account has improved dramatically in response time… i hope this continues…

i apologize about the offensive words i used… was frustrated…


email server errors galore at the moment… i can’t seem to login for a few accounts… and many ppl on our short mail list didn’t receive our newsletter yesterday… should we resend it… hmm… argh dreamhost!