CURL support not found

I am trying to get an auto credit card authorization program to work but I am receiving this error:

“Libary Error: CURL support not found”

I talked to support about it and they told me that they don’t support CURL at this time. If I need this
module installed, I’ll have to compile it myself and installed it
in my own home directory.

Does anybody have any experience at doing this? Is it difficult? and if I started doing it would it mess with the PHP I currently have on my site.

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I believe curl should be installed everywhere now (with SSL support as well).

When was it installed because I got the error that it was not installed approx. 1 week ago.

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I believe it was installed in some places, but I know that Dallas was installing the SSL version on all machines just a day or two ago - let me know if the error is still happening.

Thanks for your reply, Will.

Yes, I am still receiving it:

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Hrmm – this must be referring to something other than the program ‘curl’ – perhaps this is something which must be compiled into PHP?


Here is the reply I got from support:

“I took a look at your script and noticed that it’s trying to use PHP’s curl module which we don’t have installed on any of our servers. We do have UNIX ‘curl’ command installed but if you need to use the command, you would need to modify your script manually. If you’d prefer to use PHP’s curl modules, you would have to complie your own version of PHP, install it in your home directory and run it as a CGI.”

So here is my question now: how do I compile my own version of PHP? is it semi-easy?, if I start compiling it will it affect the php that is currently being run on the site? can I uncompile it at any time if I see things are getting screwed up?

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Hi Irish -

It’s not super easy, but not impossible either. There’s a KBase article on the process here:

Will - is there any chance we could provide pre-compiled PHP binaries for people to use? This seems to come up often enough that it might warrant it, rather than have them compile stuff themselves.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

Yes Will, that would put a big smile on my face :slight_smile:

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I checked out: and it looks a way over my head. I would be scared of screwing something up.

http:// - Auction off your web site real estate. has a basic explanation of why our installation of php is so stripped down. There is a version with (limited / experimental) GD support at /usr/bin/php, which can be run as a CGI.

Given the number of options to PHP, we can’t possibly support them all (or compile different versions for everyone who needs them)…

No reason to be afraid of building it yourself though - the worst that can happen is that it won’t work.

Curl wasn’t compiled into php before, but it is now! Within the next couple of hours curl should start to work on all php scripts on all of our servers!