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Has anyone been successful in developing a curl script that logs you into phpMyAdmin? I intend on saving my master credentials in ini file at my shared website’s root. Then using curl to post login to the page. Reason behind this is my password is extremely hard to remember and long. Plus I’m lazy. Also looking to port the script to work with the dreamhost webhost login.


I’m not entirely sure I understand your goal. It sounds like you’re describing/needing an online password manager? Specifically, you’d like to access passwords stored on your DH account from your local machine (i.e. use your account as a bespoke online password manager). Is that the goal?

If so, one crude method is to write a script to copy the password from your DH account to your local machine’s clipboard, and then you paste it into a browser’s password field. Here’s how you might do it with a secure shell call:

ssh cat password.ini | <copy-util>
(where <copy-util> is pbcopy, clip, or xclip on Mac/Win/Unix)

Depending on your browser/OS, that script could be extended to perform a full login.

Of course, another alternative is to use one of the online password manager built into many browsers or via 3rd party apps. Would those meet your goals?


No, I am trying to log into phpmyadmin or the dreamhost panel from a link from my website. To include automatically entering the login credentials.


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