Curl_exec() malfunctioning

After 2.5 days of troubleshooting my e-commerce site, I now find out from one of the techs that curl is down, apparently system wide, or at least through my half of the system. I’m using Linkpoint for my credit-card processing, and curl is about my only option for making this work. Man, I had to practically pull teeth to get this info from Dreamhost!

If anyone else is dealing with this now, sing out, maybe we can help each other.

Your pal, -doc-


Having the same problem. Seems to have gone down sometime between Wednesday and Saturday. Ive been on the phone with Linkpoint about 4 times yesterday, chatted/messaged dreamhost about 7 times yesterday, first data 1-2 times… NO ONE says it is there end. Now i know i didn’t change anything at all on ANY of those accounts so i told dreamhost its obviously a setting or something got changed behind the scenes. they said they are not blocking port 1129 and it is able to connect to the address with no problems.

Finally late last night i found this posting on zen cart’s forums (i use oscommerce)

theres about 4 other people having this problem, so i know its a widespread issue with someone…common link being hosted at dreamhost.

I dont know what to do at this point. When do they expect CURL to be working again!? I am literally seconds away from switching hosts, processors, merchant banks, cartsoftware and everything just so i can take a payment again. i’m coming up on a week of no money being made at this point.

We’re aware of the issue, and we have a fix prepared which should be deployed within the next 24 – 48 hours.

So what happened, did you guys forget to renew your SSL certificate?

I’m not totally clear on the specifics yet, but my current understanding is that a recent build of our PHP packages inadvertently switched the SSL implementation used by CURL from OpenSSL to GnuTLS. Ordinarily this would have been an invisible change, but it appears that there’s an implementation defect in GnuTLS which makes it unable to connect to certain servers, including Paypal.

Rollback please! Rollback soon.

Thank you Andrew - it’s nice to hear something of what is actually going on. Ignorance is not bliss.

I got an order overnight so i’m assuming i’m back up and running! Whew what a weight off my shoulders. I appreciate you guys digging deeper to find the root of the problem. Thanks a million!

I’m also operational now.