New to Dreamhost:

Using the backup server ( to move duplicity backups off another server, and all was working well, till the connection dropped.

Looked into some possible DNS problems to find out why it stopped last night, I found that resolves to, but reverse DNS for that IP address resolves to Whois data of does not indicate DH. whois on the IP does indicate it’s Dreamhost. I’d suggest that DH changes the reverse DNS on the 205 backup server to indicate



The reverse DNS on that sure doesn’t help, but it is hosted at DreamHost, as evidenced by a traceroute. I suggest you submit a Support ticket.


Discovered exactly this problem under exactly the same circumstances last night. :slight_smile: Did you end up filing that bug report? Was there any resolution?

Currently, I’m unable to complete a backup because duplicity fails with:
“ssh: Temporary failure in name resolution”

In case anyone comes across this, I went ahead and notified support and received a response from them that the reverse DNS should be fixed soon.

If you’re using an older version of duplicity though (like I was), the newer versions try harder before deciding they’ve lost a connection, so you may want to try upgrading.