Curious problem

I’m trying to delete a folder using Filezilla

The folder appears to be empty (no files in it) but when I ask Filezilla to delete the folder, up pops a "directory not empty message.

Could there be hidden files in the folder?

Have tried renaming the folder - no success there.

I wanna cry but don’t have any tissues!

Cheers and thanks in advance for any help

I don’t know Filezilla, but most FTP clients have a switch for filter for hidden files, usually off by default.

Put away the tissues, you’re going to be okay.

You likely have a .* file in your folder, which by default is hidden from view.

To change your setttings in Filezilla, go to “View > Show hidden files” in the menu and then you’ll be able to delete that folder to your your heart’s content.

Thanks Wolffeeper and Conspicuous

I went and checked the hidden file setting again and it was unticked so I ticked it and deleted the directories. Hooray!
But then again, I had Filezilla set to show hidden files earlier this morning.
I’m losing the plot. Anyone know where a good cheap asylum is?
Thanks for your help