Curious Cat

I am currently with another webhost, and am thinking about movinig to DH. I have been reading posts in this forum, and have seen alot of ‘sporadic’ problems with DH service.
I am leaving my currrent provider due to ‘sporadic’ issues. Would it be a good idea to move to DH? The price is unbeatable, but that does not always mean that the service is good.
Would any of you current DH subscribers give me some advice before signing up?
Thanks in advance!

I have been with dreamhost for two years. I currently have 2 strictly business, 5 code monster, and numerous other plans with dreamhost.

I haven’t had too many problems. some minor email probs earlier this year. I would recommend dreamhost. I don’t know how many servers they have, but I gather it’s in the thousands…so yeah, periodically you would find a bad seed.

They have a 97 (something like that) day guarantee…so if you find probs, you can request to be put on another server, or move on.

Well, I’ve been here for a few months now and I like it well enough. I can’t really say I haven’t had any problems because…I haven’t really done anything yet. But do keep in mind that while there are people who come here to complain, there’s probably thousands of other people who aren’t having any problems and aren’t on the forums.

I really appreciate your responses.
Your two respones alone have helped me to finally decide that this will be my new home.

I have seen several complaints about sql based sites going down, but it’s hard to know the % of the total and also what is the real cause of these problems - e.g. the hosting company or the users.

I’ve been in tech. support too long to believe users saying “well it worked fine yesterday and I didn’t touch it… well I made one small change but that wouldn’t cause this problem… would it?” :slight_smile:

Not sure which plan is best? This chart lists the plans.