Curious about why dh so bad now

I am curious about why dh is so bad now!

It used be ok a few months ago.

But now even I upgrade to privare server, It is the same, often have troubleS

I can not bear it.

My websites always down.


Your first post, and you’ve been here a while?

In my personal experience as an actual user, I’m not having problems. My report has been showing 100% for the last several weeks, and nothing lower than 95% for several months. In other words, I’ve not experienced any outages.

As you can see on the status page, there are many instances of users violating ToS, which often leads to server outages. It only takes one problem user do bring a server to its knees. Private Servers are much more reliable, but you’ve not specified a problem, other than often having trouble. Many times, it’s improper PS settings chosen by the user.


Ive been using DH for just a few weeks… and get 500 internal server error many many many times already with almost 10 support tickets!
Fustrating… got Internal Server Error 5 times in a day!

I’ve had the same experience as Scott.

I was thinking of not responding and just asking some questions from those who are having problems, but I figure they don’t need or want my help since they didn’t ask for it. :slight_smile:

I presume that what they want is either revenge or attention.

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