Curious about PHP extensions

Hi, I am curious about the PHP extensions come with hosting package. I signed up a plan before with another hosting company, it really sucked. Although they surpported all the web programming languages like PHP ASP, but they were good at nothing. They had no CURL exension for PHP, and mySQL database had limitations etc. Anyway, it’s the only and the worst hosting plan i’ve ever signed up. The company was not doing its best and they didn’t have the passion to make their service cutting-edge.

I wanna know if dreamhost has a team of people who really care or give a damn about what they do. and may I know what are the PHP extensions available? and is it LAMP Perl CGI enviroment?


You can see phpinfo here :

cURL works on dreamhost

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Also, one of the great things about DH is you have the option to choose PHP 4 or PHP 5 on a per-domain/subdomain basis.

You can even customize and install PHP yourself

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So you got your answers. But therefore the way you’d like DreamHost is for the fairly environment. They don’t limit connection to database. Even you’ll get mostly possible things as unlimited such as number,size and concurrent connection of database, number of domains,subdomain,parked,mirrored domains etc etc. Basically these are the main thing i like DreamHost and refer others(needing shared and affordable hosting) to get DreamHost’s hosting. I think you’ll ok here.

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