Curious about Dreamhost PS lead time

Heya…I’m an existing DH customer. I have signed up for PS a bit ago (my flagship site, methinks, could do with a bit of the PS what-I-hope-shall-be-magic).

My curiosity is this: how long should I be expecting to wait to get on board with PS? How long have others waited?

I ask not because I’m an impatient git, I’m just trying to plan things out. I’m tinkering with my sites and if I’m looking at two weeks out that would change my plans for screwing with things vs. looking at, say, six weeks out.

Again, I’m in the “curious” forum here, so just asking. :slight_smile:

I pre-subscribed on the first day and still nothing :frowning:
Still in development ?

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Hmm. I know a couple of people here got converted over after a two week wait, myself included. I signed up within hours of having read about it after it got posted here on the forums.

I wonder if they were just running a limited beta? This wasn’t the impression I got from the couple of posts about it here.

Could be worth a question to support, I think.

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Looking at entries on my support history, i joined the PS queue 13th or 14th aug…

Making it well over 2months waiting so far :<

Maybe it has to do with how many or what kinds of sites one runs?

Or it could be that all the technical folks are busy fixing stuff…

It could be that they’re adding people one at a time and discovering problems with certain apps.

I’m going to stop wagging now… :slight_smile:

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No idea, my sites are really basic but theres quite a few of them, not sure if it’s related :slight_smile: