Curious About DreamHost? I'm a customer and my sites have been down for 13 hours!

The worst is that they posted over an hour ago that everything is back up and running on a different server WHICH IT IS NOT!!!

I’ve never experienced anything this bad with any other host. Totally unbelievable. Live support says to send an email request to change servers which “may take a few days.”

Get lost. I’m taking my business and all my domains elsewhere.

Oh and the 100% uptime guarantee? “Send an email requesting a credit.” I never knew a company could stay in business with customer service this bad.

I have been with DH for more 6 years and never any problems.
Go back to your old host that you left, because you was so happy.

1.) Take the 97 day refund (not advised)
2.) Get your act together, stop being angry and learn to LOVE the best Host there is for a very good price.

Not sure if this is a new sign up complaining, sometimes the competition just post messages like this.
BUT ON MARCH 19, 2010, YOU HAVE 2 POSTS, so welcome “new/old” customer.
I know you are loosing money/sales, get a dedicaated server cheap guy/lady.

Tell us, which company do you work for, or get commission

Tell me which other Host is 24/7 honest that they have problems sometimes.

like all other hosts ???

not perfect, but BETTER then all others !!!

I’ll be the first to agree that DH’s customer service is not perfect.

As for the hardware failure you are experiencing, I think that’s just bad luck that can happen anywhere. For the same price, if you can find any host that offers full hardware redundancy, or fully redundant colocation, please let me know. Even if you use Amazon’s services, you choose how many data centres your site lives in. If you are cheap and only pay for one location and it goes down, as it did in one location some time back, then you’ll face the same problem. You get what you pay for. Surviving hopefully rare hardware failures or network outages costs a lot more than 5-10/month.

It’s frustrating for anyone. I hope your site comes back online soon.

Bobocat thank you for saying the same in a more pleasant way.
(sorry, I am very drunk today in Thailand)

Thanks for attacking me personally because I am angry about my site being offline for almost an entire day. I understand that hardware fails, however being offline for 12+ hours is absolutely inexcusable. First step should be to pop in a spare working RAID array and restore the backups. Everyone knows rebuilding and verifying arrays takes an insane amount of time. Dreamhost is cheap, but people should know what they’re getting. I found another hosting provider that provides 24/7 phone support for only a few more dollars a month.

I think it’s important for prospective customers to know that:
[]If your DH server goes down, it might take 12+ hours for it to be fixed.
]You can’t get anyone on the phone and the “Live Chat” people can’t actually do anything. They just tell you to send an email.

What you say is true, however I would just like to point out that there’s something in between having a fully redundant colocation and no backup plan whatsoever. I’m not OK with a company that doesn’t have spare RAID arrays to swap out when something like this happens. Taking 12+ hours to rebuild and verify arrays is nuts.

Also, I guess I am probably a little more angry since DH gets a lot more than 5-10/month from me. I’ve got all my domains, hosting and SSL certs with DH so they quite a bit of money from me which would be great if they had a contingency plan for hardware failure! I keep all my own backups but couldn’t even get access to an empty working server to restore them and even if I did have a 2nd host changing the DNS can take forever so no matter what I had my hands tied.

Give CloudFlare a try if you worry about your site going down. It’s basically a free CDN.

Ronthai was apparently drunk and noted as much. His post did seem a little out of character.

That adds up though. How often would you use phone support were it available? $3 more per month? That would bring your shared hosting fee above $!0/month which is almost as much as a very cheap VPS. If you could share that host with us, I’d appreciate it. I’ve actually been making a database of hosts and what they have on offer. Most of them will hit you with fine print and/or very strict penalties for violating resource limits. I have yet to find another shared host in the same price range that is as generous with resources as Dreamhost.

I think that’s the primary purpose most people on shared hosting choose Dreamhost. Their customer service may not be as good, and they’ve had some horrific episodes of downtime, sometimes self-caused, but I’m sure other hosts have that as well. And I’m not just being a Dreamhost fanboy either. I’ve complained in the past about lack of redundancy and downtime issues.

Well, I think the first point could happen at most hosts within the same price range. Theoretically you should get 12 days credit on your hosting plan the next time you are billed. As for the second point, that’s not completely true. The few times I’ve used the live chat feature, they’ve been able to modify my account settings and even help troubleshoot an sql file I was trying to import. In fact, I think the live chat support is much more effective than opening a ticket. It’s just too bad that it’s not always available.

I agree. It would be great if the default response were to get something up, even an old backup, within 20-30 minutes, and then look for more sustainable answers.

[quote=“pinkfloyd, post:5, topic:56610”]
Also, I guess I am probably a little more angry since DH gets a lot more than 5-10/month from me. I’ve got all my domains, hosting and SSL certs with DH so they quite a bit of money from me which would be great if they had a contingency plan for hardware failure![/quote]
Yes, but those other things are not for hosting. I think the domains and certs are just like fries and drinks when you order a burger. Micky D’s makes almost no profit on the burgers, but practically prints money with the add ons. I’m guessing DH is the same. They probably don’t make much from shared hosting when people actually use close to their limits, or use any amount at all since the average customer uses close to zero, but they do enjoy a nice profit from the rest.

Have you tried though? In my experience, DNS changes actually don’t take that long to propagate. Sometimes as little as 10 minutes. I’ve been toying with the idea of have a complete backup ready to go on Amazon because it seems like you don’t actually pay for it unless it’s running. You could set everything up, pay a very trivial amount for the disk space, and, should DH face a catastrophe, point the nameservers to Amazon and fire up your virtual server. My sites don’t make money and I don’t have enough spare change to consider it seriously at this time, but if I were making money from my site and paying for cheap shared hosting, I would take out an insurance policy.