Can anyone point me to the direction of a good CSS reference site? I’m trying to learn CSS thoroughly, I know enough to function and validate, but that doesn’t mean I’m coding properly. So if someone could point me to a good one (or several) I’d be much obliged. Especally if they make references to layouting with DIV layers in different methods besides using float properties.

Hmm… I think that’s it for now. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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O’Reilly has a good book called Cascading style sheets the definitive guide. It available on Amazon.
For websites try
Hope this helps


There is also the Lynda.com CSS2 video that is very good.
Quick way to understand everything.


After that, you will understand nearly everything and you will only need a small handbook with functions (or Google, which always have the good answer :D)

btw, there is many bug in IE6 with CSS that are a pain to solve. Mainly when using fixed dimension with padding.


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Probably the best single bookmark you could have:

CSS Discuss Wiki


Sitepoint CSS Forum

Webmaster World CSS Forum

As far as div positioning without floats, just do searches for absolute & relative positioning.

Don’t forget to check your work in different browsers, since one can make a mess out of what looks perfect in another. I use Firefox, but I also check things out in IE6 and Opera.

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