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Could someone look at the page/page source and tell me what I’m doing wrong? I have my main layout in an external style sheet. However, I’m trying to customize my right div (where the news ticker is) with extra CSS on every page, so it will scroll down all the way to the bottom (since every page is a different length). I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong:(

First step: make sure the html and css validate:



Hmmm. The height is 1500px for the div and 990px for the marquee. The div is set to absolute position.
My thought is set the bottom to 0px and height to auto, this should drop the bottom down to where you want it and it will be the same for any screen size.
My screen is at 1024x768, so I do not know why setting the height more than my screen rez. don’t keep the div to the full height of my browser. Interesting…

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Thanks, I’m still trying to learn all of this. Be honest with me, was I anywhere close to the right direction?

Interesting, I checked this with firefox and the marquee works. I always thought that was an IE only feature.
Anyways I checked the errors in firefox and I get the following warnings:
1)Selector expected. ruleset ignored due to bad selector. line 16 of rebirth.css.
2)Element referenced by ID/NAME in global scope use standard document.getElementById() instead. Line 1

You are lacking a DTD at top of your page. For example a strict dtd will look like the following:

There is a transitional, strict, frames, and xhtml version available. Check out W3C.org HTML 4.01 DTD Info
It is very important to use a DTD at the top of all of your html pages. This tells the browser how to deal with the tags. This can effect the size of your tags, etc. In fact if you use the validator on w3c’s website, the dtd is required to pass validation.
I highly recommend that you get use to the more strict dtd’s as it will be more beneficial to you in the future. At first it may be more difficult as some of the tags no longer work in the more stricter dtd’s but one day the browsers may require that you use the more up to date features and won’t support the older tags. I have no clue when that will happen, but I beleive it is better to learn the new style while you can still use the old style. There is nothing like trying to get your code to work and all you get are cryptic error messages.

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The reason I don’t have a DTD in my pages is because I don’t know of one that allows use of the scrolling marquee. I plan to use JavaScript for the newsticker in the future, but until I learn JavaScript better, this is what I have to work with.

There’s a good reason for that: Click me and see

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Gee. All this time I thought my site news ticker looked pretty cool. Now I have someone comparing my news ticker to someone raving about something called pointy birds:p

Man talk about an extreme example. Even the color scheme is bad and I am not good with colors. lol.

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Dammit!, scjessey! I should have known better than to click that link…you broke my brain! :open_mouth:


Arrrgghhhh my eyes!!! It hurts. :smiley:

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