CSS problems


I’ve been having problems with CSS in my website. It wont pick up the body tags that are in my stylesheet. It only picks up the font and link information. What should I do?

post most specifically what your problem is - it’s not displaying correctly in what broweres, and perhaps your code so people here can look it over and see if there’s a typo or something.


I’m using firefox for the browser. This is what I am putting on the pages inbetween the head tags:

And here is the actual code of the stylesheet:

oops, go here: http://www.lastmarch.com/2612/stylesheet.css


is a comment. You have commented out your entire style sheet. just remove thoes and I think it will start working.


<!-- those right?

I removed the comment things and it didn’t change it.

woops, it got edited out for some reason. yes,
< ! - - something - - >
without the spaces is a comment


remove from the beginning of the css:

[color=#00CC00]@charset “iso-8859-1”;

< ! - -[/color] and from the end: [color=#00CC00]- - > [/color]


thanks! that worked