Css not showing on site help!


ok so i have made the template with dreamweaver i uploaded all files to server firefox is not showing my css how do i fix this?
css file is working when i go to link but will not show up on site what am i doing wrong here?


site looks fine to me, try forcing a refresh with ctrl-f5 and/o clearing your browser cache.


thanks for taking the time to reply

the content should show up with white letters with black/blue background where the copier is. is that what you can see?
all i see is the black background

if you use ie
and go to: www.dcsoffice.ca/index.php
you can see what the real template looks like


oh yes i see the issue. Your css is however loading in FF without errors, your css is just missing or conflicting elements.

I don’t use dreamweaver so I can’t help much more. In general tho you do need to check you site site using all the major browsers. Also for debugging you should get an learn to use firebug as a firefox extention.


still need help
any ideas on how to fix my site for firefox?


bump i have try alot of other ways still nothing is working for firefox could someone go throw my coding and see if i did something wrong in it?


CSS is case sensitive. divcontent ≠ divContent

<div id="divContent"><img src="/images/samsung.jpg" width="191" height="200"> <h5>Coming soon</h5> <div id="divContent2"><img src="/images/samsun logo.jpg" width="128" height="104"></div> </div>

#divcontent h5 { color:#FFF; padding-top:0.9em; padding-bottom:0; padding-left:0; padding-right:0; }


i tryed non caps and caps for the c still nothing is working right for my site…


Your CSS rules are broken from line 81 onwards because you have several unmatched brackets:

The bracket after -webkit-gradient( is not closed, so all your rules stop working at that point.