CSS Javascript and .htaccess problem

Yup, as blue as an azure sky.

But i also made a basic.php version of the html code you supplied, and without the addhandler i am (naturally) prompted to download the file, not display it.
http://residentkennedy.com/blogg/basic.html and the basic.php file is there also

That’s to be expected, yeah.

Now, remove .php from the removehandler directive :

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php .html .htm .css .js RemoveHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .html .htm .css .js

basic.php :

echo <<<EOH

Hello, World!

EOH; ?>[/code]

All good?

Hahaha YES!!! I already did, i placed all three files (not the html, but basic.php into a folder http://www.residentkennedy.com/1/basic.php and it works correctly!

Seems it needed the RemoveHandler to completely eliminate it.

Can’t thank both of you enough, fabulous!

Many thanks

Well we can eliminate server fault.

There’s gotta be extra htaccess file(s) somewhere (remember to check parent directories too) that are forcing the superfluous handlers. You might be best to jump in shell and use bobocat’s find lines posted earlier to search for the culprit(s) from the user root directory down and delete them, then remove all the compression-forcing lines from your css & js files.

Already on it, again, many thanks to you both!