.css files not loading into website

I recently uploaded my HTML, css, and java files from my computer to DreamHost’s FTP, and I realized there were a few problems with my website. I went into the css file through DreamHost’s file editor and fixed the error, but when I refreshed the page, nothing changed. I looked through my HTML file and I link it to the css correctly, so does anyone know what’s going on? I’m a newbie to coding, so it could be a user error, but I’ve looked over the code dozens of times and can’t find an error.

Did the css file load correctly before you “fixed the error”?

If it did, then try clearing your browser cache to force the fresh version to be downloded.

If it didn’t load prior to your recent changes then the css file might not being linked correctly or may contain a typo that inhibits it from being fully parsed by the browser.

As @sXi mentioned, cache-busting is essential for live-editing. The DH servers are setup for production, so they use very large max-age cache-control settings. 10 minutes for HTML pages, and 30 days (2.6 Megaseconds) for most everything else (CSS, JS, images, etc).

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