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I’m going to be ordering the layout for my site from someone but I have a few questions. Where do I go to in my panel to enter the coded Index File and CSS? I have no idea how to configure the look of my site. Also, I was wondering how do I do this:


Just so I can put ‘Coming Soon’ or something until my layout order is finished.


Do you mean how to upload the files to your domain?

If so, you can upload files via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP. When your new layout is ready, upload all the files to the right folder and simply replace your old index file. After this is done, visitors should your new site with http://www.lauren-collins.net

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Generally speaking, you wouldn’t do that from your web panel at all. You usually create these files on your computer, and the upload them via FTP, or sFTP, onto the server in your website’s directory. You can actualoly use the WebFTP (net2ftp) program available from the Manage Domains page of the control panel to edit your files, but I do not recommend this - it’s just easier and better to get used to editing the files with other tools. :wink:

The information on the following DH WIki page might be a big help to you:


You can do that by creating and index.html file that has your “coming soon” message in it, and uploading that file to your web directory (using FTP or sFTP).



The url to your editor is https://webftp.dreamhost.com

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