Css blocks access to mysql?


hello all,

I am having trouble.
my previous page that you can see at www.phoenicas.com works fine with php and mysql (hiscores are a mysql database).
when I add CSS to the page, access to mysql database is blocked, connection refused.
any pointers?

I am not familiar with all this, but I am trying to make it work.
is this a security issue? can I turn it off somewhere?

thanks in advance,


I don’t know of any way that css could block your database. PHP, Mysql and css only output parsed html for your browser. Therefore, php accessing the database would be done, before the data is parsed to the browser, where the css parses the data to format it. It may be possible you are using incorrect html or css code giving the wrong result.
Perhaps, you could post a partial of the css code and a partial of html.
Check your php code for errors in the print statements for example forgeting to use the \ before a double quote. That should generate an error, unless you disable the error messages.
Without seeing anything, it is all guesses.


thanks for replying.
I went to ridiculus lenghts to check the code.
I disabled security measures from the main panel and mysql seems to be working now. hopefully it will remain like this although disabling security is not my best option…


Maybe contacting support and see if there is a problem with the database it self.